Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh How I Wish...

that this gorgeous rose were blooming in my garden! I just don't get enough sun. So I have to be, for the most part, content with shade plants, although I do have some Fairy Roses, a Rugosa, and a tea rose. The tea rose has never bloomed and the others only put out a few blooms. But bless the people who have enough sun and do choose to plant beautiful roses and other sun-loving flowers. I've never seen a rose that is such a perfect shade of apricot. And bless them twice for not picking it, but leaving it for passers-by to enjoy!


  1. Roses are so seductive, aren't they? I used to have more -- but they were the sorts that required awful sprays for fungus and bugs. Now I have only the hardiest -- many of which are quite beautiful.

    What I really lust after and have had no success with are delphiniums.
    There's always something.

  2. I adore delphiniums! But, I can't grow them either because our summers are too hot and dry.


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