Thursday, July 9, 2009

Memory...What's That?

This is one of my favorite little nooks in my back garden to sit and dream. (Note to self: Trim the greenery, it's swallowing the Reading Fairy). I had just finished watering; sadly, I have to water the in-ground plants twice weekly and the potted ones every day. The green plastic hanging pot in the upper right did have some wonderful deep pink double-ruffled Impatiens in it, but the baby Steller Jays kept using it as a resting place and finally squished it out of existence. Ah well, all in a good cause. I have some beautiful hanging planters that I kept meaning to transplant the Impatiens into, but I would usually think about that in the middle of doing a million other things and then I would forget. I'm getting just a little too good at this forgetting thing, but I'm not having much success in combating it.

There are not many blooms on the Hydrangeas, but I was surprised that they bloomed at all this year. Normally I mulch them heavily, then put black plastic over the whole thing. It's really too cold in the winter to grow them easily up here, but I have a couple of protected spots where they do okay along as long as I remember to coddle them. I mulched them last winter but forgot the black plastic. I've now made up a list of things that need to be done in the autumn so here's hoping I won't forget where I put the list!

My Mama told me that with age comes wisdom but she didn't tell me that wisdom pushes memory right out. She probably forgot...


  1. So that's what happened to my memory -- I got too wise!

    Love the pretty shady spot!

  2. So that's what happened to my memory -- I got too wise!

    Love the pretty shady spot!

  3. I think that's what happened to me, too, Vicki. Except...I don't feel all that wise either, lol.

    My husband says that it's too bad we don't have memory cards like computers do, then we could just keep adding more memory. Hmmmm....


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