Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye for Now, Precious Betsy

Our darling Betsy - she loved to talk and wasn't the least bit hesitant about dispensing advice. No matter the subject, Betsy was sure to have something to say about it.

She adored her brother George and he adored her right back.

Betsy loved Christmas and was always eager to lend a 'helping' paw. Of course, her idea of 'helping' didn't always match ours!

Her favorite window perch to watch the birds from was the third floor guest room. They would have long conversations, and I have a feeling it's a good thing that I couldn't decipher what they were saying to each other. I'm pretty sure it wasn't polite...

She loved to play with her favorite catnip sockie, tossing it into the air and rolling around with it. The sockie was the one toy she wouldn't share with George. Betsy was a treasure, perfect to me in every way but one: she always had to have the last word!


  1. you're breaking my heart
    I love my kitties
    lost my grey tabby this year
    ...a talker
    ...a baby in so many ways
    hug to you from one broken hearted mama to another

  2. Thank you, Suz. Our fur babies do leave our hearts in bits when they have to leave us. I try to console myself by thinking of the enormous joy they brought to me while I was lucky enough to have them with me. Helps a little...


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