Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mind Control

Photo above of Norman

As I walked through the house today one thought kept popping into my mind: Fish. Weird.

Photo of Georgie.

Fishies, fishies.

Photo of Lars Olaf


Photo of Martha Mae

Fishies, please?

Photo of Olivia

Fishies, FISHIES, fishies, FISHIES!!

Give them the fishies.........................NOW!

And, suddenly, I felt like it was urgent, no, imperative, no...a matter of life and death...that I give my cats their fishie treats IMMEDIATELY. Isn't it strange how these thoughts come out of nowhere and invade your mind?

(The photo of the mountain lion is from the Internet, photographer unknown).


  1. Omigod! I'm getting the fishies now!

  2. Ha, so it works on you, too, Vicki.

  3. haha, I know exactly what you mean. What lovely cats.

  4. Thank you, OC, I just told my cats what you said. Their reply: "Does OC have fishies?"

  5. Great posting! first, I really loved your 2nd cat because I used to have one that looked just like him...I slid the laptop over to show the MR and then scrolled down and noticed the cat's name: Georgie. Wellllll...now I now I'm in love (my name: Georgie)
    Come by for a visit:

  6. Have you heard the saying "cats don't
    Have owners, they have staff"
    It's so true
    Love the photos they are all gorgeous!


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