Friday, January 6, 2012

Faeries Friday - Blanche

This is Mademoiselle Blanche and she lives on the Winter tree in my studio during the day. I thought she looked a little tired today and, when I asked her about it, this is what she told me in her charming French accent:

"Last night Monsieur Polaires and I...who is Monsieur Polaires? He is the polar bear just to my right. We are dear friends. The snowman on my left is nice enough, but I find snowmen to be rather cold companions. But, I digress. Monsieur Polaires and I fly, on most nights, to the North Pole. What? Polar bears fly the same way that reindeer fly! No, I am not going to tell you how either of them can fly! We meet our friends, other polar bears and faeries, and we all dance to the music that the Northern Lights make. Their music is wonderful, sometimes fast, sometimes slow and always changing. We feast on snowdrop cakes and quench our thirst with starshine ale and then go back to dancing. Il est amusant magnifique!

Last night, however...oh, last night tragedy was narrowly averted! Mon Dieu, I have never been so frightened in all my life! As Poli (this is my affectionate nick-name for Monsieur Polaires) and I were flying over the Gulf of Alaska, dipping low and following the rise and fall of the waves, we did not notice the whale that had surfaced directly below us. It blew out a great spout of water from its head! I know this sounds quite fantastic...oh, you knew that whales did that? I don't care what this is called, let me get on with my story! Merde! Anyway, I fly faster than Poli, so I managed to avoid the water, but poor Poli was caught in the gush of whale water and dragged into the ocean!

I screamed his name over and over, darting frantically back and forth over the rough waves, searching for him. The moon made so many twinkles on the water, however, that I could not see the twinkles from Poli's coat.

I could not find him.

Despair was filling my heart, and tears were pouring down my face. I thought I had lost my beloved Poli. But then I saw a mermaid with hair so red it glowed in the moonlight, as if lit from within. She was waving and calling to me! I quickly flew over to her and guess what she was holding in her hand? Oui, my Poli! He was drenched, shivering miserably, unable to move. I was going to try to fan him dry with my wings, but she lifted her amazing hair out of the water. It dried instantly and she tenderly laid Poli on it, then wrapped it around him for a minute. I could feel the magical healing warmth of her hair from where I anxiously hovered. When she unwrapped him, he was warm and dry! We thanked her profusely and I told her my secret name, the one known only to me, my mother, and Poli. I told her if she ever had need of Faerie help she had only to call out this name. I am indebted to her forever.

Poor Poli was so exhausted from his ordeal that I had to do most of the flying for both of us on the way home, and that is why I look so tired. I must say, Madame Victoria, I think it was exceedingly rude of you to say that I looked so tired, but you would have missed out on a most interesting story if you had not, non? So, I will forgive you...this time!"


  1. Love the story and getting a look at the beautiful Mademoiselle Blanche and the other lovely ornaments on your Winter tree.

  2. What a wonderful story. i needed this today. tell Mademoiselle Blanche i said thank you for sharing her adventure with us and that i don't think she looks tired at all. Just beautiful!

    Blessings, V.

  3. What fun! And what a lovely tree!

  4. Maddyrose and Vivienne, I'm glad you liked the story.

    Vivienne, I told Mademoiselle Blanche that you didn't think she looked tired, but beautiful. She was very pleased!

    Thanks, Vicki, glad you liked the tree.

  5. What a precious little fairy and such a delightful story.

  6. OC, I'm happy you enjoyed the story, and I'll relay your compliment to Mademoiselle Blanche.


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