Monday, October 8, 2012

My Wanderer's Heart


I was walking home through the twilight woods after a satisfying ramble when, faintly and far above me, I heard the voices of wild Canadian geese.  I looked up, up, up through the canyon of tree trunks and saw, from my blue tinted world, the geese flying in the familiar wedge formation, heading south. 

As I watched the geese, so free, so wild, I felt a tugging on my heart, a yearning in my soul, to leave, to just get in my car or on a plane and go away from everything familiar and known.  I am a child of Autumn, after all, and what is Autumn but change?  I feel this way every year when the leaves start to turn colors and the wind whispers to me of faraway lands I have yet to see, whose spirits I have not met, whose people I have never spoken with. 

My wanderer's heart finds it hard to resist and in the past I have sometimes followed the seductive whispering of the wind...but not this year.  This year I will stay.

But maybe next year...


  1. Very lovely post. I am a California girl too, and live in the Central Valley agricultural floor. We have Canadian Geese fly over mostly in the fall...and I will literally rush outside to see them fly over as I love their geese call to one warms my heart to hear that sound and I know that autumn is here at last.

  2. Yesterday afternoon I heard the geese...
    Makes me lonesome sometimes.
    And, if I could, I think you might just have to bear me tagging along on you Travels !!

  3. Teresa, I bet you get a better view of them than I usually do. I'm sort of hemmed in by trees here.

    B'ham, you'd be most welcome.


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