Monday, August 8, 2016

A Flower and A Fire

A poppy (Argemone pleicantha) that a bug has been enjoying snacking on.  I love these poppies; their blooms can reach 6 inches across, and their petals are so ruffly and delicate.

The following photos are not mine, but from Twitter and Lake Gregory Weather.  It's burning right over the ridge from where I live.  Right now, it's burned over 6,000 acres.  So far, the winds have been in our favor up here and have kept the fire moving away from the mountain communities.  Even though the winds are not strong, the fire fighters have not been able to get it contained.  Not for lack of trying!  There are hundreds of fire fighters heroically battling this blaze and many water-dropping helicopters and fixed wing fire retardant and water bombers.  It's the terrain that's making containment so difficult.  At least the temperatures aren't in the triple digits like they were last week.  If you have any spare prayers and/or good thoughts please send them to the fire fighters and pilots...and to those of us who live up here.
Looking east across Lake Silverwood.
Looking from the Summit Valley side or the desert side of the fire.
You can see the smoke right behind the trees at Lake Gregory. 

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  1. Dear Victoria I am sending up prayers for all of you out there. My heart goes with you. The place where you live Victoria is so beautiful. Can't imagine the sadness and fear you are experiencing. Please take care and stay safe sweet friend. Hugs!


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