Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Quote for Thurday

"I've been thinking of heaven recently.  Not the heaven of avarice - a heaven full of mansions and streets of gold - but heaven as a real, physical place.  There is something about clear nights in the winter, the perfection of snow and ice in the light from the stars and the moon that always reminds me of the existence of God.  When it's cold enough, the sky seems to empty and there is an infinite darkness, a sense that there is something unreachable and never-ending, something past the idea of heaven."  from "Touch" by Alex Zentner, photo by Joni Niemelda

It's snowing here again today.  What a wonderful winter this has been so far!  I hope there's lots more snow and rain in Southern California's winter.

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  1. OH, I thought these were your words, so beautiful and true. I have felt this in winter at night...the moon so bright...shadows on the snow...footprints...and if you are outside.... Oh the glorious muffled sound of silence


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