Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day always reminds me of a conversation I had a long time ago with my brother, Jack.  He fought in World War II on a naval destroyer in the Pacific.  Years and years after it was all over I asked him how he felt about war.  He replied, "I was happy, even eager, to go and fight for my country and for the people I loved.  But now, after that and Korea and with all the horror that's going on in Vietnam...well, this is how I feel about war.  I wish to God that the people in power had to go and fight right along side the soldiers on the ground, at sea and in the air.  Maybe then they wouldn't be so quick to choose war.  Maybe then, they'd all fight harder for peace."

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  1. Dear Victoria - bless your brother for serving this great country of ours. I pray for peace too. Hope you are doing alright. Hugs!


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