Monday, June 12, 2017

Nature's Gold

Nature has so many shades of beautiful golds and yellows. 
Far more in Her sunsets and flowers than I could ever hope to mix up on my palette. 
I love the crinkly texture of these Icelandic Poppies... 
And, the other-worldly look of their stamens. 
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  1. buttery - summery - reaching up for the sun!!!

  2. these are gorgeous - i didn't say that!!!

  3. Apt title - these flowers do look like gold! Stunning captures, and welcoming you aboard of All Seasons! Many thanks and hope we will will see you again next week:)

  4. Your photos are just gorgeous! The lighting is perfect on these beauties.

  5. Beautiful warm tone and textures. Thanks for the flower close-up.

  6. You certainly captured those warm yellows...they certainly brought cheer to my heart sweet friend. Hope you are doing good. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comforting word. Sending you hugs!

  7. Hello dear Victoria,
    It has been much too long between visits here.
    I just realized it has been almost two months that I have been away from blogging. Spending time with family and enjoying my great grandchild.
    You have an eye for beauty, that is for sure.
    Your photography is amazing! Love the poppy.


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