Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Last week had some really beautiful days.  However, today is the most beautiful of all because the skies are pouring rain, wonderful rain, down on us!  I think you have to be a Californian who has gone through long droughts and wildfires to truly appreciate how life-giving rain can be.  The hills turn green, almost overnight it seems, and it doesn’t seem so foolish to wish for a Spring filled with wildflowers.
There aren’t any wildflowers blooming up here in these mountains yet, but some of the cherry trees have been looking incredibly pretty.
The lake is cold, but I never tire of walking along the shore.

I can hear the rain pattering down on the roof as I sit by the fire and write this post.  I’m hoping this will be a very rainy Spring that will make up for a mostly dry winter.

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  1. how beautiful Victoria... Raining cat's and dog's here also in my little part of the world. Yes, we need this rain so badly. I am watching the tiny birds through the window. They hop from rose bush to rose bush. It seems they love the rain also.
    Stay warm, wishing you a wonderful day.


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