Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Promise

This time of year, as you can see, the snow and cold has a tight grip on these mountain lands. The sun stays low on the horizon and, in the deep hollow where I live, darkness comes early. I am kept busy keeping the fireplaces fed with wood, and the birds, squirrels and other creatures that live in the woods around my cottage fed with their favorite foods. Breaking the thick ice from the water so that all may drink is a chore that I repeat over and over each day. It's amazing how quickly the water transforms into ice again. The star of the sun, shining through the trees at a slightly higher angle than the previous day, offers a promise that the snow will melt giving the earth the freedom to push forth green shoots, the ice will thaw and give the creek its voice back and the turning of the wheel of seasons will once more come round to Spring.

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