Saturday, October 31, 2009


My husband is busily putting out the final decorations in the yard for the various creatures that will come tonight for candy, and I've finished with the interior of the house for family and friends that will come to visit on All Hallows Eve.

But after everyone has gone home, usually by 10 p.m., I will go out to my quiet studio and wait...for my mother, grandmothers, and aunts, stretching back in a long line that covers hundreds of years. Of course, I don't actually see them, but sometimes I feel that they are very near, and not just at Samhain.

I feel them near in times of joy, their happiness mingling with mine and intensifying it.

I feel them near when life is particularly hard. They crowd close, supporting me and reminding me who I am and where I come from; a long, long line of strong-willed, smart, stubborn, determined, loyal and loving women.

I am blessed with, and by, ancestors and I honor them, not only on this night, but all through the year.


  1. A lovely post, Victoria, and a great old photo!

  2. Thanks, Vicki. It seems that most families have "memory keepers" and I'm the one for my family.

  3. Wonderful photo and fascinating idea. What good company you keep!

  4. Welcome to my blog, Elizabeth, and thank you!


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