Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A friend said in response to my previous post that she was seeing Brighid's Day celebrated all over the Internet. It makes me happy to think of all of us lighting our Imbolc fires, whether by using candles or fireplaces, celebrating and honoring the feminine side of deity. For far too long She has been ignored in favor of He. I believe there must be a balance.

I wonder, though, how many women feel free to honor the feminine side of deity openly? In the particular area of California that I live in, I would doubt that there are any. Here, the scales are heavily weighted in favor of Christian fundamentalists. For some reason, these mountains seem to attract them as much as it attracts people like myself, people who are more spiritual than religious.

What particularly confuses me is that some of these Christian fundamentalists are so willing to commit violence in the name of Jesus. I, and friends of mine, have had statues of faeries that were in our yards smashed to bits. Left on top of the smashed bits is always a card that reads 'Jesus loves you.' What??

So, I will continue to honor the Sacred Feminine in secret and look forward to a day, hopefully occurring in my lifetime, when I can do so openly. A day when some people won't be threatened or outraged by balance.

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