Friday, February 12, 2010

Great Backyard Bird Count, 2010

Somehow, I don't think this was quite what they had in mind.  This is Jackie, one of our little ferals, desperately trying to convince the birds to "come closer, come visit me, I won't hurt you! me."  I know she's not hungry, because she just ate two cans of Fancy Feast that I put out for her. 

I think the Chickadee is saying, "You think we're dumb?  We didn't just pop out of the egg yesterday, you know!"


  1. Tee hee! John had just put out more sunflower seed on the porch railings and was wondering why there were no birds, There he saw Justin's dog Ali Ali, sitting on the doormat, trying to birdwatch.

    Great shot of the chickadee!


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