Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sunsets

This was taken in August of last year. Instead of looking in the direction of the sun, I was caught by the colors that the setting sun was imparting to the clouds, and its gilding of the land, trees and buildings.

Sometimes things are most beautiful when looked at from a perspective that differs from the norm.


  1. That is a gorgeous photo -- at first I thought it was a NC Wyeth painting.

  2. I always found that October was the best month for that kind of shot. The low afternoon light can make the world quite magical.

  3. Thanks, Vicki. Every time I looked at this photo, and when I was taking it, I kept thinking "This reminds me of the painting style of.....WHO?" Thanks for clearing that up for me!

    JJ, late afternoon is my favorite time to take photos. The quality of the light at that time of day is, indeed, magical.

  4. Thanks, Seema.

    Lara, thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked the photo.


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