Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain, Blessed Rain

Gorgeous thunderheads on Sunday had banded together by Sunday night...and draped themselves gently over our rain starved mountains, entwining themselves around the trees, adding soft layer upon soft layer of cloud on the trees' branches, leaves and needles...
until they could hold no more and begin to let tiny pieces of cloud in the form of water drops fall to the parched earth below. Very early in the morning hours of Monday more clouds came to join the ones already here, and they enthusiastically set about the task of washing everything clean, giving all living things a good drink, and refreshing a land that has not seen real rain since last May.

It rained most of Monday and Tuesday, and temperatures dropped to nearly freezing. Outside, the feral kitties curled up in their little houses that my husband made for them (insulated, double wall construction, waterproof), each with plenty of regular blankets plus a special small blanket on the top that acts like a heating pad, but without any cords. They work by reflecting the cat's body heat back to the cat. I've put my hand inside a house just after a kitty has left and it's surprisingly warm. They look like this (they also come in black and grey) they measure 18" by 22" and the item number is 9B - 13563
and I get them at

Inside, all was cozy, too. My husband made a pot of beef stew for himself...
and the cats and dogs (they each get a few spoonfuls of gravy). I made a pot of vegetarian rip-your-lips-off-hot chili for myself. Yes, I am the only vegetarian in a houseful of carnivores. I've given up on trying to convert my husband. And the animals...well, they were created to be carnivores and I think it would be bad for their health to feed them a vegetarian diet.

And, of course, George was hogging the hearth!


  1. Beautiful description of rain's coming! And how cheerfully eerie your house looks!

  2. Thank you, Vicki. Love that description, "cheerfully eerie!"

  3. nice picture and descripton. you hav a beautiful house no doubt.


  4. I love the way you've decorated. All my favorite colours, warm and cozy. How wonderful that you are providing shelter for the feral cats. I too am a vegetarian and I've heard that dogs can do well on a vegetarian diet but cats can't.

  5. Thanks, Seema.

    OC, those are my favorite colors, too. I think my little cottage looks its best in October and November. I hadn't heard that about dogs, I'll ask my vet about it. I keep trying to tame the feral cats, but they want no part of that, so I must be content with what they will accept from me.


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