Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Merry in Mouseford Falls

Well, of course they're making merry! They're all ready for Christmas. Trees decorated, presents wrapped and placed under said trees, houses decorated, baking done, perfect snowfall, children happily skating and sledding, carolers singing in beautiful harmony, and Santa poised to make his big entry.

But...that's not quite the way it is in my world. The ground is mostly bare, it's really foggy, no snow in the forecast (unless one happens to live above 8,000 feet, which I do not), none of my presents are wrapped, my baking is only about one-quarter done, and MY Santa (also known as my husband) fell off the roof yesterday!! Thankfully he was only up on the porch roof, and not the third story roof, so he got off with only scrapes, bruises, and a wife who had a near-miss with cardiac arrest.

Oh, and my tree? Well, it's only partially decorated, thanks to this little person:

Darling Miss Rita Mae MoonSparkle. However, I've recently found out her real name is Rita Mae the Tree Terminator. In the photo above, she is actually chewing on the tree branch and every time I put an ornament on the tree she takes it off and HIDES IT UNDER THE COUCH!!!

And not a caroler in sight. Only the editor of the local newspaper, who showed up dressed as Santa. Don't ask.


  1. Too funny about her hiding the ornaments!

    My tree is done but haven't been able to get out and mail my gifts -- nor the fairy cross either. Perhaps tomorrow...

  2. ohhhhh these are so cute....decoration


  3. Vicki, I wish I could get a picture of the look on her face for you when I take the ornaments out from under the couch. I could swear she's thinking "thief!"

    Seema, glad you liked the decorations.

  4. What a splendid job the mice have made of it. A charming village. A great shot of Miss Rita Mae, lol. Aren't they scamps when you're trying to dress the tree. Hope your husband is on the mend.

  5. OC, he's mending a little faster since I finally got him to go to the doctor, and he's taking the antibiotics the doctor prescribed. The mice will be thrilled that you liked their little village!


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