Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Soggy Solstice

We've received 17 inches of rain in these mountains in the past three days. The biggest of the three storms is supposed to arrive late tonight, with up to 2 inches of rain an hour falling. That's a LOT OF RAIN. Along with all that rain and snow there will be wind gusts of 65 miles per hour.

Roads are closed all over the mountains, with several closures on Hwy 18, the main road to access most of the mountain communities. The pictures below were not taken by me because I'm just not going out in this mess. (I deal much better with snow than rain). I got them from the Internet, from the sites http://www.rimoftheworld.net/ and http://www.abc7.com/

The photo above is Hwy 18 (Michael P. Neufeld, photographer). This is really dangerous since there is roughly a 1,000 foot drop beyond the guardrail.

This is the only road in to, and out of, Forest Falls. The people who live there aren't going anywhere for a while...

I have a feeling a lot of us won't be going anywhere for a while!


  1. Good grief!

    Hope that it's at least helping to build back your water table. But in any event . . .

    Good grief!

  2. Vicki, your comment sums up my feelings perfectly.

  3. Seems we're all having freak weather this year, Victoria. I've never known us have anything like this number of significant snowfalls before Christmas, and I'm told it's colder in Britain than it is in Greenland. It feels like we've had a long, hard winter already and it must be time for spring!

  4. oh!!! this is really painful. hope by the time its being cleared and life is mooth by now.



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