Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tiny Sign of Spring

When the catkins come out on the alders, it's a sure sign that spring is on the way, even though we're supposed to get more snow this weekend.

I can't wrap my mind around all the disasters that have happened around the world in the past several months. I've sent money, care packages, lit candles and said prayers. None of that seems like enough.

If only some enormous miracle could restore all the lost lives, both human and animal, lost and damaged property and land, renewing all the way Spring renews the earth each year...that would be enough.


  1. I suffer so too watching all this human tragedy before me on the TV
    All we can do is look for the joy
    for surely it is there in our very the catkins..
    .mine haven't turned pink yet...but I wait
    Oh to have magical powers

  2. It is overwhelming -- so much gone at once. We look for hope -- like your catkin.

  3. Victoria, I add myself to your thoughts and wish all the families who have lost dear ones and possesions could live in peace soon.
    Too much suffering all over the world including our mega earthquake and tsunami one year ago.
    sending you hugs


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