Friday, March 25, 2011


I took this photo up at the top of the ridge last April 8th. It looks the same today, just add about another foot of snow on top of what's there and take away the pretty sunset light since it's cloudy today.
I'm so thankful that we're getting snow and rain, but I just wish the heavy snow had come in January and February like it's supposed to do! But, if that picture from last April is any indication...well, I'd better not anticipate seeing any spring flowers until May.
Oh well. I'm going to change my blog header to something spring-like even though it still looks like the depths of winter here.


  1. Beautiful pussy willows! By the time your spring arrives, ours will be fading and I'll get to enjoy it all over again here on your blog.

  2. That's how I think of it, Vicki; it's still winter here but I go to your blog and I'm transported to spring!

  3. Still winter here as well. We had a heavy snowfall last week just when I thought the worse was over. Oh well, a few sunny days and it should go quickly. Lovely picture. I like how the sunset has coloured the snow.

  4. Glad you liked the picture, OC.


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