Monday, May 2, 2011

While I was Busy...

The hillside grasses are greening up, although if we don't get some rain soon they'll go right back to being a silvery beige.

Lunaria, also known as Money Plant, Silver Dollar Plant and Moonwort, is blooming everywhere...

My daffodils popped up, here and lots of other places in my garden, and I nearly missed seeing the blooms.

All through the woods the Sierra Pink Currant bushes are loaded with blossoms, which means plenty of berries for the birds and chipmunks come Autumn...

A patch of dandelions emerged by my studio door. They're one of my favorite flowers. I don't care if other people call them weeds, they're just so cheerful...

A few of the violets that I transplanted from my mother's yard in 1989 are blooming. They're very late this year, but then I suppose it's because the snow just wouldn't melt. There are still a few patches in the shady part of the forest.

And the path along the ridge top beckons for me to come and walk it. So I'm going to call the dogs, and off we'll go!


  1. All familiar friends except for the pretty pink currant. Looks like Spring is well and truly with you.

  2. Oh my I love your garden and that little skunk....hee hee
    we are the same aren't we
    animal fox is still here..had a run in with the racoon that showed up again
    It a drama
    my kitties love watching from behind the glass door
    How are you doing?
    Are you going to reach out and love another feline that needs your love? maybe in a while
    My new kitty will be 1 on May 16
    My girlfriend brought him to me at 2weeks...abandoned ...his name is Boo...
    Have a wonderful walk...look for some good rocks to bring back

  3. Suz, I have no doubt that another kitty will find me because, even though I still have 7 cats that live inside our cottage, there are quite a few ferals that I feed. I'm trying to tame all of them so I can find good forever homes for them, but there are usually one or two that just don't become tame enough to place. Those are the ones I keep.

    Raccoons can be really mean, I hope your little fox will be all right!

  4. Beautiful flowers! I can't understand why people have such a disdain for the humble Dandelion. It's such a perky, happy little flower. I've read that they were originally brought over from England as a bedding plant.

  5. I've never been able to figure out why people disdain the Dandelion, either, OC. And I never knew it was brought over from England, I learned something new today, thanks!


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