Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Spring Walk, Part One

On my walk yesterday I saw lots of Baby Blue Eyes, huge patches of them. However, a picture of a huge patch washes the flowers out to white. Does anyone know why they're called Baby Blue Eyes? I've always wondered. The flowers are small, only about the size of a man's thumbnail.

Baby Oak tree leaves were springing out all over, giving the oak trees a reddish haze around them. These are California White Oaks. The Ponderosa Pines are making new cones. They're so strange looking! More Lunaria all over the place. I just love it. Wild Columbine (sorry, this is a terrible picture; I had seen an animal friend in the distance and I wanted to get out of her way. I'll post the animal friends I met along the way tomorrow). Wild Sweet Pea. The scent of this is heavenly, much more intense than the hybridized varieties. Lots of California Wild Lilac (Caenothus) both white and lavender blue. It doesn't smell like lilacs at all, but has a very faint, sweet scent. White Caenothus above, blue below.

Lots of apple blossoms on the trees close to my studio and cottage. AND... this year there are lots of bees! Last year there were hardly any. I'm always so glad to see bees, even if nary a one would pose for a photo. It was warm yesterday! The dogs were fine, they'd had drinks of cool, clear creek water along the way, but I was looking forward to a glass of iced tea when we got home. (The upper part of my studio door. The writing on the tin flower holder reads 'Fleurs' which is French for 'flowers' but it has always looked like 'Heurs' to me...which is I don't know what!).


  1. Such beautiful flowers! And the new oak foliage is stunning!

  2. Our springtime show is no where near as lush as where you live, Vicki, but I agree...what we do have is beautiful!

  3. Lovely shots of all the new growth around you.


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