Thursday, June 30, 2011

33 Years Ago...

A young Cherokee-Sioux-Italian woman married a young Canadian-British-Irish man.  Sometimes it feels like the wedding was just yesterday, other times it feels like we've been married for a thousand years...something that's true of most married couples, I'd wager.


  1. Beautiful and inspirational. Pity about the stripe down the trousers, though!

  2. (Laughing) JJ, that's exactly the same way my husband felt! I look at our wedding photos now and wonder "what the heck was I thinking?" My only excuse is that is was the '70's...

  3. Congratulations! Yeah, the stripe is...striking. But you were beautiful and classic.

    Along those line, I helped my brother pick out a suit for his wedding back in the early 70's. Today people look at his picture and wonder why he was dressed as a pimp.

  4. Do excuse my lack of grace, Victoria. What I should have referred to was the first and most obvious impression. You were a very beautiful bride.

    Oddly, I married in the same year, only mine didn't last.

  5. Thank you, OC.

    Vicki, your story about your brother made me laugh out loud! The 70's definitely weren't a good decade for men's wedding fashions.

    Vicki and JJ, thank you for the compliments. JJ, I'm sorry your marriage didn't last.


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