Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Mystery

I went down to my sister's place today in Redlands. She's doing so well after having a stroke last December. She wanted me to see about hiring someone to clear out a couple of acres that have gotten very overgrown.

As I'm tramping through this mess, I find a rosebush! Not planted by anyone that we know of, never watered, never pruned, but still blooming with joy and abandon. This will definitely be staying.

It always amazes me how easily things grow 'down the mountain' as opposed to up here. It's such a struggle up here; short growing season, soil that constantly needs amending, raccoons that are forever digging things up, very unstable Spring weather...the list goes on and on. The one thing both places have in common is lack of adequate rainfall from June to October or November. And that lack of rainfall makes me wonder even more how this rose bush is managing to not only grow, but bloom.

Ah, I love a mystery...


  1. What a beauty! I uncovered a forgotten rose today when I was weeding -- they really are hardy.

  2. If this is what we call a wild rose, the perfume is heady. I dug one up from a long forgotten piece of land a few years ago (there were loads of them there.) planted it and it never did bloom. I dug it up and rather than "kill it", I re-planted it in an uncared for part of the garden. One morning last year, I was walking around the garden when this heavenly perfume hit my nose. Following the scent, I discovered it was this forgotten rose bush full of blooms.

  3. Vicki, their hardiness is truly awesome.

    OC, I believe it probably is a wild rose. The scent of the roses in my garden, and my sister's garden, pale in comparison to this rose. How wonderful that you re-planted your rose in a spot where it could flourish!


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