Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Sunlight

More red Penstemmon, lighting up the shade. It's almost done blooming now, and I'm seeing little lavender asters popping up here and there, a sure sign that autumn is on the way. I'm praying that this autumn is like last year; cool and wet instead of hot and dry.

We got a tiny spritz of rain today, but not enough to do anything any good. Thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow but, unfortunately, they usually produce more lightening than rain. And more lightening-caused fires. I hate/love this time of year. Love the autumn holidays, hate the heat, dry weather and the stress of never knowing if we'll have to flee from a fire at a moment's notice...or even if we'll have enough notice to flee.

Flooding in the East from too much rain, fires in the West from not enough rain. How I wish there could be balance.


  1. We're delighted to be getting much-needed rain from the tropical storm. That worry about forest fires always comes on this time of year.

  2. So glad you're getting rain, Vicki.


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