Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Doldrums

                           (The window ledge outside my studio) 

My mind has been stuck in the doldrums of summer lately, or becalmed as my brother would say when we were sailing off the coast of California and the wind died.  Usually at those times a fog would also surround us and that could be pretty scary if we happened to be close to the shipping lanes.  I feel like my mind is fogged in, too.  Any activity that requires more thinking than lifting a glass of sweet tea (iced tea), reading a not too challenging book, or picking the dead blossoms off flowers has just been beyond me.  I haven't even been doing too well at the dead blossom thing, as you can tell from the photo above.  And, the brain fog is getting thicker as I write this...I think I'll go to bed.


  1. I get that quite a lot. I suspect sensitive minds sometimes get overwhelmed with awareness and switch off. Bit like electrical things shutting down when they overheat.

  2. Hello friend..what a beautiful image..i am in love with that giant tea cup! how enchanting! Hope the fog lifts soon and you feel all sparkling again! till then..enjoy your sleepy coccoon..and the butterfly that awaits!

  3. Honor your own inner voice, it's what knows what you need right now. But this too shall pass, so don't worry about it. See you on the other side. (from someone who's frequently been there!)

  4. beautiful colorful image, infact all the pics here are beautiful. And yeah the fog, it clouds the mind and makes the brain muddled...nothing beats the fog better than indulging in creativity.



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