Thursday, February 21, 2013

They Were Right!

Last week the weather forecasters predicted we would get a foot of snow during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  They were right!  I was so surprised because usually they're quite wrong. 

The sun came out in the afternoon though, so it's melting off the trees pretty fast...but only on the sides that face south!  Today, none of the trees in the above photo have any snow left on their 'sunny' sides. 

Which is probably just fine with the birds!


  1. Vicki - love your comments about the weathermen - I agree that often times they are not correct. What is that beautiful blue bird in your picture. We certainly have nothing like him here in Ohio. He is stunning. Also Shelby was so glad you stopped to visit - take care and have a delightful week-end.

  2. Debbie, he (or she, the males and females look the same) is a Steller's Jay, the western version of the eastern Blue Jay. I wish we had both kinds, because I think the eastern Blue Jay is so beautiful. You have a wonderful week-end, too!


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