Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Wish...

I was on my way to a luncheon at the home of a friend of a friend today.  While looking for the address I came across this great street name sign.  Of course, I had to get out of the car and take a photo.  As soon as I left the car and approached the street sign a man came out of a house across from the sign and called to me, "Leave that sign alone!"  I told him I was just planning on taking a picture of it and that was all.  That mollified him, so I asked if they had had trouble with people defacing the sign.  He replied, "No...we have trouble with people stealing it!"  He said it had been stolen so many times the county now refused to make a new sign with the name stamped in the metal and just lettered over old street signs.

I wish whoever was in charge of street names way back in the 1920's when my cottage was built would have given the street it's on a name as cool as this one.  I also wonder how Willow Witch Road got this particular name.  And, I wonder what it takes to get the name of a street changed, or if it even can be?

I have some sleuthing to do!


  1. Love it! You could always put a sign on your property. I have a sign on mine saying "Wytchwood". I know it's not exactly a street name but it would be neat.

  2. That is SO cool, Victoria!! I wonder if whoever named it really meant "Willow Witch", or something that sounds like it..."Will 'o Wisps" ~ a mystery, for sure! (Glad you got your picture!) ♥♥
    I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, my Dear! I’ve had such fun with the past few posts!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Oh, what a GREAT name!

    Our road signs get stolen frequently -- not just the clever ones. I think there's a market for the metal.

  4. OC, that's a great idea. Now if I can just rouse DH to cut a piece of wood in the shape I want...

    Anne, we'll never know, will we?

    Vicki, I wonder what they do with the metal from the signs they steal. I'm not even sure what kind of metal ours are made from, but it must not be anything valuable because they don't get stolen. Well, except for the clever ones.


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