Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Little Visitors

My husband snapped these two photos on his way back into the house...that's why the angle of the second one is a bit strange.

Four little raccoon babies, but not out on their own.  Their mom was at the bottom of the tree, telling my husband to mind his own business...so he did, and didn't get a photo of her.  Probably a wise choice.


  1. Aaaawww..... so cute! I have so baby pics to show too... stay tuned!

  2. Oh Victoria! What a sweet surprise this is... How cute is that.. I agree, probably a wise choice your husband made with mama raccoon.. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Oh yes, the heat is horrid, and most challenging with the water restrictions.. Try and stay cool. Thank you so much for visiting.

  3. What a great capture! So darling!


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