Thursday, June 18, 2015


What is being called the "Lake Fire" started just outside the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the San Bernardino National Forest where I live.  It's now burning in the Wilderness.

It spread rapidly - everything is so dry up here.  200 people have been evacuated from campgrounds.  I wish there were some way to evacuate the animals.

It's burned nearly 10,000 acres so far.  Cal Fire is saying it will jump to 50,000 acres by tomorrow. (Update: it's only grown by 1,000 acres, thank goodness, and the winds are calmer). Air tankers and helicopters are temporarily grounded because of winds.  It's only 5% contained but, so far, it's burning away from our homes and little towns up here.  If you've got any to spare, thoughts and prayers for safety for the animals and firefighters, and calm winds so the tankers and helicopters can get back in the air would sure be appreciated.

(These aren't my photos, they're from various news websites).


  1. I hope you are not in any danger... I always keep the firefighters and those close in my thoughts and prayers, and also the gentle creatures that call this home..


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