Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Forest Scenes

There are pretty clouds around today, but, so far, no rain.  Things are managing to bloom though, despite such a dry winter and spring.
Some wild Chamomile...

And some Baby Blue Eyes.
Little Pink Sierra Currant blooms will turn into tiny berries that the birds and raccoons can eat in the autumn.
I  love the dappled light of the forest and the shifting shadows that days like this bring.

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  1. Beautiful photos that tell a nice story.
    Nature is a wonder.

  2. Hello, a walk in the forest is so peaceful. Lovely scenes and lighting. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. I love your photos so much! Beautiful escapism! Those currants are amazingly gorgeous! Very faery-ish!

  4. Oh Victoria those currants are a lovely plant. They must grow wild where you live. Have never seen them growing here. Your pictures as always are so lovely.

  5. Your photos make me miss the S CA mountains!! We had a mountain cabin for many years. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful images.
    I've missed the magic of the world in which you dwell, Victoria.


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