Friday, May 13, 2016

I See You

A young Red Tailed Hawk at the top of a pine tree.
She (or he) was staring intently at something down in the valley.  It was pretty windy, as you can tell by her feathers on her chest.  She kept a wary eye on me, though, which is good.  I always hope they can tell in a nano-second whether it's a camera or a gun pointed at them.  They're protected by Federal Law, but there are always idiots...
I took a lot of photos, but these are the only three that aren't too blurry.  She was about 500 feet away from me.  I've given up on using a tripod for photographing birds; by the time I get the darn thing set up, they're gone!  So, it's hand-held, zoom, and hope for the best...

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  1. Great photos of a wonderful bird!

  2. Magnificent hawk, Victoria.. The photos are great!

  3. I have a Red Tail Hawk that lands on a dead tree nearby. I observe it through binoculars because my Nikon is not working. I have seen it sweep down and pick up a snake - of all things.
    I am happy to see the photos and the windblown feathers. Good camera- steady hand!

  4. Hello, awesome shots of the Hawk! Happy weekend to you!

  5. PS, Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  6. Gorgeous pics of such an amazing bird. We have them here as well. Always love seeing them overhead. Have a super week. Hugs!


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