Thursday, September 1, 2016


September rain in months but, somehow, the few apples that the poor trees managed to produce are ripening. 
So are the acorns.
The ferns are...well, mostly drying out, but a few are turning gold.
I did find one plant that's turning fall colors, higher up on the mountain.  I didn't bring any home, though, because it's poison ivy!


  1. Dear Victoria I so understand your sorrow over the lack of rain. We have been suffering with drought here as well. Will be "looking up" for all who need rain and those who are having floods. Take care and do stay clear of that poison ivy. Hugs!

  2. Victoria,
    Drought here also. I have a dwarf Orange tree in the back that has managed to produce some oranges but not many. I love the photos. Especially the acorns.



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