Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This and That

Most of the autumn leaves have fallen now, although a few oaks here and there are hanging on to some leaves. 
On my way to my studio, I noticed that some of the leaves on this ivy plant were turning red!  It's been hanging in the same place for about 5 years now and the leaves have always been green.  I hope this doesn't mean it's got some sort of disease.
It's been really cold up here with lows at night in the twenties.  On the 27th we got a little bit of rain and a sprinkle of snow.  Only a half inch, but it's all welcome. 
Last week, I made a card for a friend.  I've just started to get into card making.  So far, I'm loving it.  It's a nice change from painting, and very relaxing. 

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  1. First picture I like the most. The composition is very good.

  2. Dear Victoria beautiful autumn card. Glad you are getting some moisture. Have a super day.


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