Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Spring Ramble

I went for a ramble in the spring woods yesterday... 
I said hello to a favorite old oak tree.  Judging by its girth, I think it's nearly three hundred years old.  When I was younger and healthier you could find me perched high in the branches.
It's still thriving though, festooned with lots of new ruby leaves.  I love the way the oak leaves start out red and then slowly turn green.  It's like autumn in reverse. 
The pink Sierra Currant bushes are loaded with blooms.  Come autumn, there will be lots of berries. 
The manzanita bushes are loaded with blooms, too.  I've always thought the blossoms would make wonderful lanterns for the faerie folk. 
I even found a faerie ring in the not made of mushrooms but cedar trees! 

It felt strange to be wandering around taking photos without my husband.  We used to spend huge amounts of time driving and hiking all over these mountains taking photos.  Another thing I must get used to doing without him.  I feel better, though, now that this first ramble without him is over...perhaps next time will be easier.

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  1. Dear Victoria,
    Thank you for taking me along on this peaceful walk through your beautiful woods. I love the fairy ring trees, and that gorgeous old oak..
    Good to know that you are feeling up to getting out in nature.. It is truly good for the soul. I know your dear husband is with you in spirit, and enjoying the walk in the woods.
    Take care,


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