Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Header

The photo was taken by my husband last year. I like the way some of the lights are blurred; it looks so magical. That time of evening, when the sky isn't completely black yet, but a beautiful, glowing, ethereal blue is a magical time to me anyway, even without snow and trees with colored lights on them.

I'd better post this quickly; the lights are dimming every now and then, and the winds are howling. We're supposed to get snow for the next seven days. I'm sure glad we have a generator!


  1. A truly magical photo and a perfect header! Hope you get lots of snow (to replenish the water table) but no inconvenience!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! We're all hoping this is an above-average rain and snowfall season to make up for the past several years of drought.


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