Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On a Cold and Frosty Morning...

It's so good to come back into the warmth of my cottage! It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit when I went outside this morning to put out food and water for the feral cats and the birds. I always make a fire and put the tea kettle on to boil before I go out.
That way, when I step back inside, I'm greeted by the cheery crack and pop of logs in the living room fireplace, the welcoming sound of water boiling in the tea kettle, and, soon, a hot mug of Earl Grey tea with milk added. Ahhhhh...
Of course, I only hear the sound of the water boiling if the tea kettle hasn't switched off. I had to switch to an electric kettle that shuts off automatically a couple of years ago because I'd go outside, get distracted by something, and forget I had water boiling for tea on the stove. I burned up three tea kettles!

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