Monday, December 28, 2009

The Queen of Christmas

She is suspended by the wreath all through the day, staying so still you could be fooled into thinking she's just a figurine. Why, she even hovers by a wire to add to the illusion!

But, at night, when the lights are out and we've gone to bed, I could swear I hear the the sound of tiny wings and feel a disturbance in the air as something flits by. I quickly open my eyes but I've never seen anything except a sort of twinkling shimmer up by the rafters of the bedroom or sometimes a trail of something that might be Faerie dust disappearing around the corner of the hallway.

The cats certainly thunder around during the night more madly than usual when the Queen of Christmas comes to visit. I suspect she teases them, but doesn't let them get too close. Although her timing might have been just a teeny bit off the other night. I heard Shadow yelp so I got up to see if he was all right. I saw the distinct impression of a tiny candy cane on top of his head and he was covered in sparkling Faerie dust! And now, when he passes underneath her in the daytime, he seems a little nervous and keeps a watchful eye on her.



  1. Hmmm, indeed!

    We have often noticed our cats chasing something unseen.

    "Pesky angels!" we say,


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