Sunday, January 24, 2010

After the Storm

There's nothing like the color of a mountain sky after a snow storm. A friend e-mailed me the above picture; I can't make it out to the main road yet.
It was my intention to hike up to the top of the ridge behind my house so I could take a picture from the top. I got a little over half-way and decided that it would have to do. Whew...I am out of shape! Waaaaay out of shape.
We got a little over 4 feet of snow. Big Bear, a bit further up the mountain, received over 7 feet. The roads were a mess because, on the second day of the storm, Cal Trans had a scheduled furlough day! So, no plowing got done on the state highways that day. The state highways to the ski resorts are now plowed clear of snow, but I thought the county plows would get to our road, too.  Not yet!  But my larder is well stocked, both for humans and animals, so we can wait. Amazingly, we only lost power for a couple of hours! My husband was just getting ready to go out and start the generator when the power came back on.
The people who live down in the foothills in the areas that burned in last year's fires also fared well, thank goodness. There was flooding, but no major mudslides or damage.


  1. That second photo is pure magic! Narnia under the White Witch.

    So glad you got your moisture!!!

  2. Oh no, these woods belong to a good witch! ;-) Glad you liked the photo!


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