Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Cares?

Furgus doesn't care that we're still in a drought. He's just happy that it's sunny, 53 degrees F. and I have all the windows and doors open. That way, he can follow the sun around the house and bask in it's warmth. (That is some of the cats' play yard fencing behind the window screen. I don't let our cats use the play yard in cold weather because our ferals like to lay on the cushions in the play yard).

We did get a slight misting of moisture last night, not really enough to even call it rain. BUT! The weather people are predicting heavy rain, and snow above 7,000 feet, starting next Sunday or Monday. They say this should change our dry weather pattern and put us into a wet one for several months.

Oh, how I hope they're right!


  1. What a handsome cat! And what good news that you may get some moisture! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. He is a handsome little guy, isn't he? Well, not so little; I think he weighs 18 or 19 pounds.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too!


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