Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Moon

I've been taking advantage of the energy surge that the waxing moon usually provides for me by cleaning out winter's debris from the garden.  It's a good thing I got this picture earlier, as She is completely obscured by clouds now. 

It has been quite nice for the past several days with temperatures in the low 60's F, but snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.   It will be welcome; even though we've had what seems like a lot of rain and snow this past winter, what we've gotten so far hasn't been enough to end our drought. 


  1. WHAT an amazing picture! Well done!

  2. So, does that mean I can excuse my laziness with a clear conscience as long as the moon is waning? OK, that's 50% of the time; now I have to find an excuse for the rest.

    Only kidding.

    But I am concerned that you are getting temps as high as that up in the mountains, while we in lowland Britain haven't come close yet. The best we've had so far is mid-fifties, and it's well down on that at the moment. Scotland and Northern Ireland even had severe blizzards again this week.

    Hope you have a short but beautiful summer. Parts of Britain were having drought problems for several years. Now it's flooding!

  3. again a eye catching view..



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