Tuesday, March 2, 2010


'Woman Reading in a Garden'  by Mary Cassatt

I haven't been reading in my garden because I'd likely freeze, since it's covered by several feet of snow.  But, reading is almost the only thing I've been doing lately.  Re-reading old favorites and whittling down my to-be-read stack.  I'm in that period of winter where my mind is, mostly, unable to formulate anything worth saying.  The silence that mutes the sounds of nature outside my windows is somehow contagious and I find it far easier to read the words of others than to utter any of my own.    


  1. Who minds the snow with plenty to read (or write)?

  2. Winter is the perfect time for reading. I've got a good 40 books still "on deck" and it's March already!


  3. Not me, Vicki!

    Pearl, you lucky girl! Having a big stack of books to read always makes me feel 'rich.' Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. ohh amezingg art...
    first time visited your blog, a wonderful platform u had victoria.....



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