Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bombus Bimaculatus

Don't you love that name? It sounds like something from "Harry Potter."
It's Latin for 'Bumblebee.' I am captivated by Latin and I feel lucky that I got to take a few classes before it was dropped from the curriculum as a 'dead language.' (Not that I speak it fluently, but I do remember a bit).
These darling Bumblebees are the species 'Bombus Fervidus Californicus.'
This one was being very uncooperative. She would only let me take a picture of her bottom and the backside of what I'm guessing are her wings, although they look a little too thick for wings...hmmm. She has her fat little self stuffed nearly all the way up this Penstemon bloom, and absolutely would not land on the other side of the flowers so I could get a picture of all of her. (This Penstemon isn't on my land; I was out for a walk and didn't want to trespass, so I got as close as I could with my zoom lens). And look...I think she's wearing red shoes! Probably Manolo Buzzniks, hee hee.
There are over 120 species of Bombus bimaculatus in the North American West, and 70 species in the North American East. Amazingly, there are 15 species in the Artic! I have heard them referred to as the Goodyear Blimp wearing fuzzy, striped pajamas. However, in my imagination I always picture them wearing sun bonnets, black and yellow gardening dresses and garden clogs on their feet. They probably change into their pajamas when they get home. :D
They're so gentle they're used in commercial greenhouses for pollination. Their motto seems to be "Vos licentia mihi unus, Ego mos licentia vos unus." (You leave me alone, I will leave you alone). Unlike the Honeybee, a Bumblebee's stinger isn't barbed, so if you do anger out! They can sting you repeatedly without harm to themselves. The poor Honeybee can only sting once and then dies from having its stinger ripped from its body. So unfair!
I'm always charmed when I see and hear Bumblebees bombilating around my garden. Lately, I'm thrilled, too, as Honeybees have been so scarce!


  1. Nominum Bombus Bimaculatus amo! Atque 'Manolo Buzzniks' amo!

    Hic, haec, hoc
    And tee hee hee!

  2. Laetus vos diligo meus Bombus Bimaticulatus stipes quod gauisus is no vos rideo risi risum!

  3. Bumblebees!!! i have seen first time . thanks for sharing



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