Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot, Hot, HOT

It's so hot here that it seems the air should be the color of the Red Monkeyflowers in the above photo. I took the photo several years ago when I was down in Cleghorn Canyon.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees F on my front porch, which is deeply shaded. Today is not quite as hot; our high was 81. When I walked outside yesterday, I felt like I was walking into an oven! And the humidity was high (for up here) at 57%.

Wretched heat; I detest it. But on the plus side, even though there were lightening storms all over no fires were started in these mountains. According to the news there were 15 started by lightening strikes down the hill. Thankfully, they're all contained now.

I've got my fingers crossed for an early, wet, cold Autumn...


  1. terribly high tempretaure...but this lil flowing water gives relief to eyes.....


  2. Most of Britain is back to the low to mid sixties at the moment, with a brisk wind and lots of showers. Uncharacteristically cool for July.

    That flower in the previous post was spectacular.

  3. Miserable heat and humidity here in western NC yesterday and this morning but we are being blessed with a thunderstorm just now --- aaahhh!

    Love the picture of the stream and the monkey flowers!

  4. Thanks, Seema, JJ and Vicki.

    JJ and Vicki, you're so lucky to have the weather conditions that you have right now!


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