Friday, November 19, 2010

Faeries Friday - Fleur

In the warm months, Fleur lives high up in the Dogwood tree outside my studio. Obviously, this photo was taken in the summer. Several days ago, I moved all of the Faeries that were outside into my studio for the winter...except for Fleur. I forgot about her! She's pretty ticked at me, and who could blame her?

My husband is also ticked; it's starting to rain here and I remembered that I hadn't brought her in when I was looking for a picture to post for 'Faeries Friday.' He just spent 15 minutes out in the rain, in the dark, high up on a ladder rescuing Fleur. I can't blame him for being ticked at me, either; but I have a feeling he'll get over it far faster than Fleur will, thanks to the mug of hot tea, a plate of fresh baked cookies and lavish gratitude and praise.

None of these things would work with Fleur, although I did apologize profusely as I was drying her off. So I expect there will be Faerie mischief going on in my studio for several weeks. Because, even though they seem to be little statues, everyone who knows anything about Faeries know they come to life when we're not looking!


  1. everyone who knows anything about Faeries know they come to life when we're not looking!

    " Is it true, i am imagining when they come to life.....very thrilling"

  2. I agree, Seema, it would be thrilling!

  3. I love to see ornaments in trees -- I have a little silver bell I sometimes put in a tree near the house.

  4. Saw you read FANCY STRUT -- one of my favorites!

  5. Mine too, Vicki. In fact, I don't think I've ever read anything by Lee Smith that I didn't love.

  6. What a lovely place for a fairy, in the dogwood tree. You've given me the idea to put a fairy in my dogwood. I expect there will be a little mischief caused by Fleur. lol

  7. I'm happy you liked the idea, OC. I like the thought of both of us having faeries up in our dogwood trees when the warm weather comes round again.


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