Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's All Relative

All these gorgeous leaves are gone now. Winter, even though it won't officially arrive until December 21st, is holding us firmly in its ice gloved hand.
These two Band Tailed Pigeons weren't bothered by the small amount of snow (4 or 5 inches instead of the foot of snow the weather people had predicted) we received last week. What was bothering them was the lack of peanuts on the feeding tray. The look they're giving me most definitely says, "WELL? What are you waiting for? Get those peanuts out here NOW!"
The temperatures have been unseasonably cold, with highs for the past several days only reaching the low 20's Fahrenheit (-6 to -3 Celsius) and low temperatures dropping to as low as 4 degrees below zero (-20 Celsius). Add 30 mile an hour winds to those temperatures and that equals BRRRRRRR!
This morning when I opened the door to go battle the ice on the animals' water bowls I was pleasantly surprised by how warm it felt. I went back inside and opened a few windows to let the fresh air into the house and happened to glance at the thermometer on my way outside again.
The temperature was 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 Celsius).
I guess it's all relative...


  1. I understand we've changed our definitions to calendar months now, so winter is officially Dec-Feb inclusive. That makes sense to me. I always thought calling 20th December 'autumn' a bit silly.

    Sounds like you're having something similar to us. We're currently having weather that would be considered harsh in January! Oh for a day or two at 3C!

  2. Oh, yes! We lived in Iowa one winter where we had a spell of twenty below. When it soared to 20 above, it seemed like shirt sleeves weather.

  3. JJ, since the sun is at its greatest distance from the earth on December 21, or roughly thereabouts, and that day has the least amount of light of any day during the year, it makes perfect sense to me that this is the start of winter. However, I do agree that it sometimes, depending on the weather, feels silly to call the first part of December 'autumn.'

  4. Also, JJ, I think it depends on where in the world you're located. My best friend lives in Alaska and she would say that winter starts in October and doesn't end until the middle of April!

  5. Lol, yep, it's all relative. We've been having quite mild weather for December.

  6. Yes, it seems the weather is topsy-turvy everywhere.


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