Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Idea? Bad Idea?

I found this picture on a magazine web site (I think maybe it was Country Living). Cute idea, huh? Although I don't think the birds would think so, since they're used to having water in their birdbaths! Maybe they'd let me borrow just one to put next to the doorway on Thanksgiving. They have eleven others to drink from, plus the creek...

If there are no postings from me after Thanksgiving, you'll know they took offence to me 'stealing' one of their birdbaths and decided to behave like the birds in the famous Hitchcock movie. Ha. Like they'd kill their source of peanuts and suet cakes. They wouldn't...would they???


  1. Some beautiful pumpkins and gourds there! I think, though, that you better not deprive the birds of their water... I too remember THE BIRDS.

  2. no doubt idea is good, but ya you are right that birds may not like it . some alternative for birds water to needed.


  3. Vicki and Seema, I agree with both of you.


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