Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We've been getting a mix of rain, sleet and snow all day. It started last night and is supposed to continue for seven days or longer. The mix is supposed to turn into just snow in a couple of days, so maybe it will finally start to look like winter around here!
The cats, both the inside ones and the feral ones outside, are curled up in their favorite places, snug and warm and dry. I can hear the creek roaring over the sound of the rain on the roof. Periodically, the wind rampages through the little valley making the rain fly sideways and the trees moan and sway in protest. It grabs my cottage and shakes it, then prowls around the eaves and windows keening like a Banshee. Once, a long time ago, I felt so sorry for the winter wind that I opened the door and invited it inside to sit by the fire. It was a terribly rude guest though, and I haven't repeated the invitation.
(The above picture was taken in November of last year).


  1. You could very well be describing here and my little house at times. Although I've never really invited the wind in, still it manages to get through the cracks along the old door and some of the old windows. I rather like the feeling of the brush of air when I'm very close.

  2. I'm happy you;re getting your winter at last!

  3. OC, the wind finds its way in to my cottage, too, around the windows. But it's much better behaved than when I open the doors and say, "Come in!" (What WAS I thinking?)

    Vicki, I'm happy, too, and relieved!


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