Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking Like Winter

Well, a little bit. There's not too much snow accumulated yet...maybe 6 inches or so. But it's still snowing heavily. Thankfully, the winds have calmed down. Last night they were horrendous; we lost power for about a half hour, and I found out my nifty new computer with super fast wi fi loses its Internet connection when the power goes out. That never happened when I had dial-up, of course, because it's a land line connection. But, oh my gosh, dial-up was sooo slow!

I talked to my friend, Kathleen and she said they lost power around the same time we did last night but, as of 3:30 p.m. today Edison still hadn't got it back on. Her house is all electric; thank goodness she has a generator.
Rushing in and out of the house trying to keep the water bowls free from snow and ice, filling the bird feeders and cat food bowls, brushing the dry, powdery snow from my shoulders and hood when I come back in the house gives me a profound sense of calm happiness. Winter is finally here...just as it should be.


  1. So glad that you finally got your winter. I really like the picture of the little birds in the snowy tree.

  2. Thanks, OC. It was sunny today...I hope winter comes back soon.

  3. May you have lots more winter and not so much wind.


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